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Research Projects

​CONIC Core Research Projects

​# Project ​Title ​Principal Investigator ​IRB Number

Establishing u-Rhythm as a potential physiological marker for physical fatigue using MEG.

​Prof Balázs Gulyás IRB-2018-01-014
​2. To study the response of brain with dynamic visual stimulus Prof Balázs Gulyás ​IRB-2018-01-012
​3. A Portable Device for Providing Real Time Diagnostics on the ‘Fit for Duty’ Metrics of the Officers Prof Balázs Gulyás IRB-2018-01-013
​4. ​Exercise and Diet adapted microbiome: a novel approach to sustain health and support healthy ageing for Singaporeans Prof Sven Peterson
Prof Balázs Gulyás

Research Projects with Academic Collaborators

Research Projects with Industrial Collaborators

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