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For Participants & Subjects

​CoNiC: A Safe Environment

CoNiC hosts state of art neuroimaging modalities, like Siemens Prisma 3T MRI, Siemens 0T MRI, Elekta Triux MEG, EEG, Eye/retina OCT, TMS, TDCS, NIRS and Hyperimaging, this center emphasizes on cognition in healthy subjects.
MRIs employ powerful magnets while MEGs have highly sensitive SQUID Sensors. We are here to provide you the safest environment and make you aware about the potential safety hazards.

Getting Prepared for Scan

Getting Screened for Scan 

Precautions for Entering Imaging Rooms

MRI Safety Video

Videos for MRI safety and understanding the basics of MRI can be accessed from the following link provided by Siemens:

Safety Incharge

Please contact our safety incharge regarding safety breifing and other safety issues:

 1. Mr. Sachin Mishra, CONIC Safety Incharge
     Email: ; Phone: (65) - 6904 1187

 2. Dr. Sini Mathew, Assistant Director, Health & Safety, LKCMedicine
     Email: ; Phone: (65) - 6592 3209

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