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Centre for Neuroimaging Research at NTU (CeNReN)
is NTU’s flagship Centre for contributing in Neuroscience and Mental Health research. CeNReN at NTU consists of three platforms namely Pre-clinical Imaging Centre (PIC), Cognitive Neuroimaging Centre (CoNiC) and Clinical Neuroimaging Centre (CliNIC).

Cognitive Neuroimaging Centre (CoNiC) is an NTU research centre servicing the whole NTU research community and focusing on the exploration of the human brain's structure and functions, with special regard to its normal and pathological cognitive functions. It is located in Experimental Medicine Building (EMB) at NTU's Yunnan Garden Campus. With state of the art neuroimaging modalities, including a Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner, a Siemens 0T MRI scanner, an Elekta Triux MEG scanner as well as EEG, eye/retina OCT, TMS, TDCS, NIRS and hyperimaging devices, CoNiC provides researchers both at and outside NTU with functional-structural mapping of the human brain.
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